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May News

1) Exhibitions

For the Love of Culture and Country, Over the Years and Traditional Grinding Stones will open at the Armidale and Region Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place Inc on Thursday, 25th May 2017 at 6pm. 

For the Love of Culture and Country are works by Adele Chapman-Burgess from Glen Innes and Jodie Herden from Tamworth. Jodie’s mother was an English/Irish red-haired, blue-eyed, fair woman and her father was a dark-skinned Chinese/Aboriginal Gomeroi man. Adele, on the other hand, is of Ngarrabul/Kooma heritage. Both Jodie and Adele were born in the New England region.

Adele had always had an interest in art and has been painting on and off all her life.  Her paintings are about her many journeys and the many hats she wears, her spirit strength, learning more and seeking more knowledge about her family connections to the places she visits.

“Connection to country is inherent, we are born to it, it is how we identify ourselves, and it is our family, our laws (lore’s), and our legacy”, said Adele.

Jodie also said that through connection with country that she works with the natural elements such as wood, grass, seeds, rocks, wind and water from Gomeroi country. Her art highlight the importance of taking care of country and the strong spiritual connection she as an Aboriginal woman has to country and sharing that importance with her non Aboriginal friends.

“My links to my family and the land is a strong part of my connection with my Aboriginality”, said Jodie.

The photographic exhibition entitled, Over the years is of Armidale Aboriginal rugby league club called Narwan Eels. The Narwan Eels rugby league club was formed by local Aboriginal elders because they felt that sport was a big driver in bridging many of the gaps within Aboriginal communities. The players first took to the field in the 1970s. The Club celebrated their 40th anniversary last year.  Narwan Eels has always strived to promote and support Aboriginal youth and the importance of living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Narwan Eels have won the knockout competition in 1980, 1986, 2001, 2002 and 2008 and produced some excellent players such as Fred Waters, Dean Widders, Clarrie Moran and Michael Moran. Over the Years is the celebration of Narwan Eels Rugby League Club’s longevity.

The artefact exhibition entitled, Traditional Grinding Stones are of grinding and top stones from the ACCKP collection and the Tingha Green Valley collection. Those that will be on exhibition were used by Australian Aboriginal women in the semi-arid region of New South Wales to grind seeds and nuts. The seeds from grasses, trees, shrubs, succulents and ferns were ground to release starch for cooking purposes. The flour produced was mixed with water and eaten as a paste, or cooked in the coals of a camp fire and eaten as cakes or loaves. The nuts have been found throughout Australia, particularly in arid and semi-arid areas where Aboriginal people were reliant on grass seed for starch as their staple food. In some areas of Australia grinding utensils were made from heavy hardwoods. Pre-contact grinding and top stones such as the ones included in this exhibition are similar to the pestle and mortar still used today for grinding herbs and spices.

The public is invited to attend the opening. Light refreshment and entertainment will be on offer at the opening at 6pm, Thursday the 19th January 2017.


April News

1) Exhibitions

The community is invited to the opening of 3 new exhibitions at the Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place on Kentucky Street. The exhibitions will be opened on Thursday, 30th March 2017 at 6pm.

The first exhibition which will be held at the ACCKP gallery is Tones and Hues. Black and White. This is an exhibition of black and white paintings and prints. The monochromatic exhibition consists of works by ACCKP artists and prints by members of the ACCKP Black and White Photography Club.  

The second exhibition is called Objects: limits, symmetry, proportion! made up of three-dimensional artworks from the ACCKP collection. The body of work is a combination of pieces purchased by the Centre from Aboriginal artists residing in Tamworth, Armidale, Guyra and Brisbane. These works were collected and added to the Centre’s Collection over a period of 10 years.

The third exhibition Connect. Consult. Collaborate. will be displayed in the ACCKP Local Heroes wall. It is a display of 6 aboriginal art works from the New England Regional Art Museum collection. Of the 6 works displayed 5 were part of the generous Anthony Renshaw donation that included some 80 works by Aboriginal artists including canvas and bark paintings, carved sculptures and coffin logs collected from 1978 - 1994. NERAM holds within its collection over 100 Aboriginal works from first Frist Nation People from areas such as Ramingining, Arnhem Land, Bathurst Island, Papunya, Yirrkala, Melville Island, Utopia and Maningrida.     

This exhibition highlights the on-going partnership between the New England Regional Art Museum and the Armidale and Region Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place that aims to foster collaboration and cultural exchange between these two organisations.  

Light refreshment and entertainment will be on offer at the opening at 6pm, Thursday the 30th March 2017. The public is invited to attend.


2) The Black and White Photography Club

The  Black and White Photography Club member will meet on the 5th April at 2pm. The theme for the meeting is 'leaves'. All are welcome. Afternoon tea will be served.


3) The Armidale Aboriginal men's group

This group will meet on Thursday, 6th April at 10.30am. Morning tea will be served.


4) The Armidale Aboriginal Women's group

This group will meet on Thursday, 13th April at 10.30am. Morning tea will be served.

5) Holiday Program

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place (ACCKP) is once again running the Holiday Program for primary school children from Tuesday, the 18th to Friday the 21st April 2017. The program will run from 9.00am to 12 noon. This program is open to all children of primary school age.

The theme for the April holiday program is “Easter”.  Children will have the opportunity to learn and carry out activities surrounding the theme. Please see program below.

The cost for the morning tea, supervision, materials and activities will be covered by the ACCKP. This holiday program is being funded by the Department of Education. Please complete a registration form and drop it off at the ACCKP by the 12th April 2017 to ensure your child/children’s place is confirmed.








Puzzles and colour-in

Public holiday

Mega Maze!

Eggy Patterns

Can you find 10 eggs in the garden?

Spot the difference

Holiday Crossword

Decode Easter

Dotty design


Art and craft


Easter egg painting

Easter greeting card


Easter egg tree decoration


Easter goodie bag


Outdoor activity



Ring toss

Hopping Home


Easter egg hunt



Morning tea

Morning tea

Morning tea

Easter Party 


Story telling


The Clever Rabbit

The Tale of Tom Kitten

The Ungrateful man

The Intelligent Counsellor




Sardine Game

Musical chairs

Mr Tiddle Mouse

44 home

Sleeping Floppy bunnies

Statue game

3-legged race

Huca Muncas

Pin the tail on the Easter bunny

Pass the parcel


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